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Kalkaska Co. Prosecutor Dies While Skiing


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Posted: Jan 15, 2012 10:28 PM EST Updated: Jan 15, 2012 10:28 PM EST By John McGowan, Anchor - email Kalkaska County Prosecutor Brian Donnelly died while skiing Saturday.


The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office reported emergency responders were called to the Vasa trail near Strombolis Road to a report of a man down around 2:45 Saturday afternoon.


Donnelly was found unresponsive on the trail in an area near "the Rock".


He was pronounced dead at the scene.


Deputies say their preliminary investigation shows no signs of foul play.


The investigation is continuing.

Prosecutor Brian Donnelly died

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He's the guy who said that if you are a patient, you can't have a driver's license.


I can almost see some folks saying that if you use mmj regularly, you can't drive because you'll always have THC in your system.


But Donnelly went far beyond that. In his world, a person simply having a card, having the OPTION to use MMJ meant that they must forfeit their option to be able to drive. So even if a person could exercise the option to use MMJ but never did use it - Donnelly says he can't even have a license. In Donnelly's world, once you turn 21, you can legally buy booze, which means you could end up drinking enough to blow a .08, then you could get in your car and drive. So as soon as you turn 21, you must forfeit your Driver's License.


This sort of warped thinking means that the MMJ communty lost an enemy - not a friend.

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I think the only 'karma' here is lifestyle karma.


I don't know squat on a shingle about the man, but I will make some assumptions based on his position and status in the community.


I'd say it was not his 'bad deeds' that ended his days, but:

  • Only the finest single malt whiskeys
  • Only the finest cuts of beef
  • Only the finest Cuban cigars
  • Only the finest 'companionship'
  • Stress from a pending divorce, or highly embarassing scandal


The only justice in this universe is the justice that we manifest.

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