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Hi Everyone

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I want to thank you all for some of the information I have read on this site. I am in the midst of obtaining my medical card for chronic pains. Alot of my questions were answered by simply reading what others have posted. Making it easier for me to decide if I should get my card, which Doctor would be my better choice, as well as learning about differences of dispensaries and true compassion clubs. I plan on joining a club as soon as I get a few more things settled.

Anyways Wanted to say hi, and thanks for a wonderful support site.

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Thanks for all the Welcomes. Tonight went well, and I recieved my recommendation. Now its just a waiting game.

drtarzanmd, thanks for the head ups, if I were closer, and not planning my own grow ... I would certainly take you up on the offer. Off to read more material and decide my cabinet build.

Peace all, and thanks again for the welcomes, advice, and dedication many put here. I truly appreciate the info shared here.


It saved me from seeing a rather shady doctor of practice, as well introducing me to a doctor of reputable practice instead. I shall leave both nameless, but share the comment with the doctor of latter.

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