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Lawmaker Plans To Smoke A Joint In Poland's Parliament This Friday


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Liberal party to smoke joint in parliament

January 17, 2012 - thenews.pl


Liberal MP Janusz Palikot has announced plans to share a joint in a room in the parliament building this Friday as part of a campaign to completely decriminalize the use of marijuana in Poland.


The liberal Palikot Movement party will be testing laws introduced in December last year that gave prosecutors the choice as to whether to charge someone, or not, who is found to be in possession of soft drugs for personal use.


“We want to invite representatives of the Free Hemp society, a group that we are on friendly terms with, to smoke a joint in this room, to see whether the law that already decriminalised [personal use] really did do so: or whether there is a need for the amendment that we are presenting on Friday,” MP Janusz Palikot has said.


However, Palikot, who wants total decriminalization, faces an uphill struggle in his bid for more lenient laws.


Prior to the 9 October general election, Prime Minister Donald Tusk declared that he was against the legalisation of soft drugs.


Following this reasoning, he ruled out any possible coalition with the recently formed Palikot's Movement, which won a surprise ten percent share of the vote in the election.

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