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There are not many dispensaries left to transfer to, and it is not a good idea to be transfering meds to anyone unless you know that person well. Currently, the courts view patient to patient for compensation as unacceptable. Caregiver to patient can be ok, depending on the circumstances. The legislature is trying to make sure that it is nearly impossible to grow meds at all, and transfering to anyone but your registry connected patients will soon be illegal unless we keep putting pressure on our representatives to reject these bills. Write, call or speak to them in person or we will be in deep sheet. Any transfers you do to other than your registered patients, or a venue such as the MMMA Jackson farmers market is risky.

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Just go to your local dispencary better yet go to a local compassion club and ask them if they buy overages....if your a caregiver,.. there should be,,no problem...I must say,and I don't know you, this is your first post, this kinda stinks of LEO...if I'm wrong I apologize...but there is a lot of paranoia going on amongst us on this site...with our A.G. interpeting the law the way he see's fit,and sick people getting locked up!!!

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