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The H E M M P Center Compassion Club

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Pharmer’s Co-op hosted by THC Compassion Club


For Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients only

Assisting Patients with SAFE ACCESS to quality medicine from

Compassionate Caregivers.


  • Making “Choice” Yours
  • Medicine
  • Medibles
  • Medicinal Supplies
  • Genetics
  • Hash oils
  • And more!

Saturdays 12p-5p & Sundays 1p-5p


Held at:


The H.E.M.M.P Center

207 W. Liberty St.

Ann Arbor Mi 48103

(734) 222-8199



Call or email for more information!





The Co-op is a function of THC Compassion Club. Registered patients are welcome to attend the Co-op to see if they would like to join. Compassion Club membership is $5 per year. The fee to participate in the Pharmer's Co-op is $15 for patients and $20 for caregivers yearly. Tables are $50. Caregivers interested in vending should contact Gigi at the HEMMP Center. Friday through Sunday is the best time to call currently.




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It looks like a nice place . We really are living in difficult times for patients and caregivers but seeing the Farmers Markets spread from Jackson adespite the fear that gripped our community last year after the COA ruling in Mt Pleasant is a privilege . Slowly but surely Michigan is developing a unique program of compassion utilizing and rewarding program participants who suffer discrimination - as it should be . It is good to see Ann Arbor on track but we wont have won the battle until the State Hospitals accept cannabis use as a viable part of patient treatment programs .Until nursing homes , foster care and assisted living all exist for patients whom grow their own comfort . .

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The Co-op should be open as far as I know, Sinse. 1-5 as usual on Sunday.


I saw a calander with a listing they called it a Pharmers Market . I would assume their open when I found that calander it showed it was today 1-5 pm . If they had the race on I would come down :-) Sorry I couldnt find that calander it might of been through M live . ..




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***Update 3/16/12***


Unfortunately due to a landlord dispute the Pharmer's Co-op will be cancelled until further notice. Members interested in creating alternatives for the Co-op should meet at the Hemmp Center at the usual Saturday time, 12:00 without meds. Again no meds will be exchanged at this emergency meeting. A heartfelt apology to those who may be inconvenienced or worse unable to obtain needed meds at all.

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