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Email From Jeff Irwin

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From: "Rep. Jeff Irwin" <district053@house.mi.gov>

Date: January 26, 2012 1:17:09 PM EST

Subject: RE: Honor The Will of the People

Reply-To: district053@house.mi.gov


Thank you for your message concerning recent attempts to weaken the Medical Marijuana Act. I share many of your concerns. I strongly support the Medical Marijuana Act, and I think we should be working to strengthen the law rather than weaken it.


The Act was written to ensure that everyone who is both qualified and medically in need of a prescription can use marijuana. It is important for us to make sure that the Act does not exclude any who are truly in need.


Those who are using or growing medical marijuana in full compliance with the Act should be protected, and their right to privacy should be maintained. Judges and officials ought to recognize those provisions of the law which allow citizens to grow or use medical marijuana. Medical marijuana users are certainly not a "danger to society," they are simply seeking effective treatment, and they should not be punished or denied that opportunity.


Once again, thank you for your concern about these issues. I will keep your thoughts in mind for future legislation. The Act has been effective thus far, and there is no reason to hinder patients' full and free access to medical marijuana treatment if that treatment is truly necessary.


Representative Jeff Irwin

53rd District

State of Michigan






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