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I Am Going To Use This Area For Hopefully My Only Rant

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I am as far away from a religious person you can get. I dont believe in a god or a being. I do believe in good old fashioned redneck philosophy. Treat me as I do you. This said...


A few years now a group of Jehova's Witness's started stopping in my drive. At first I was a little put off by them, but after several stops I actually began liking the visits. Heck I enjoyed the old guy, and really admired his courage. I mean to pay to travel to someone's house, speak with them, even knowing I was never going to ever join their group, took guts. Let alone he paid for these travels out of his pocket.


This said I did develop a friendship with this guy. Well the other day, I was away, my girlfriend was at the house. She answered the door, and proceeded to read this poor guy the riot act. I know this cause she informed me, I would not have to worry bout being bothered by them again. Now I was a bit irrate. Her story was absolutely appalling how she went on to tell me the choice of words she had used. To be honest it ticked me off. If I had wanted them to stop coming by I myself woulda said "hey, property line ends there". A few times this man would stop by and assist in several projects when he was bored. Sharing many of his personal life and problems with me, as I did him.

After several minutes explaining to her that


1) it was my problem not hers

2) They were a sort of friend to me and

3) My personal mojo dont allow my Karama to act like a fool


I booted her from my home, and threatened to join the Jehova's.


Where does interactions with people, start justifying another to start treating people like crap??


Sorry for the rant, I needed to vent and well pefect place.


Maybe better yet I am going to get a cloak, shave my head, and start playing the tamborine at the airport.

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There are allot of nice Russellites out there ...it isn't my cup of tea either but friendships and tolerance of others make life interesting and create many blessings . I worked midnights at a self service station for a few years when I was young and had a Witness that would stop and talk to me every morning as they helped a son deliver papers . They were truly nice people and I enjoyed their company too though I was not interesting in converting . I hadn't thought of them in a while . I was surprised to see a empty lot where the station stood when going by my old Ann Arbor neighborhood a few weeks back . Many buildings have disappeared in this recession . I hope if you can't get a hold of him he stops by again when your sick having friends , even a Holiday card anything acknowledging one as a person means so much . Hugs can be something you don't see for years at a time . No matter how difficult things become we all truly need caring human interaction and it is sad those who write the laws forget that and seek to punish and isolate those whom are different . The criminal nature of medical cannabis is a perfect example of policy that injures instead of heals people of diverse ideology just wanting the same thing . To live in peace and survive in comfort .

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Doo Doo Occurs. Sometimes people have bad days. I had one the other day. No one was harmed or even griped at. But it does happen. Jehovas are resilient. I'm sure its not his first butt chewing. And I'm sure if you explained to him the situation, he would understand completely. As far as your girlfriend, she didnt know. It sounds like she knows you tho. No religion or beliefs. Maybe she was supporting you. Maybe thinking since your not a believer, you wouldnt want them at your door. Now you have a seperation of church and chick (LOL). It seems repairable. Maybe a little more communication is in order. I've been married 17 years now. We know what each other is thinking. If shes the right one for you, you can work it out and work on knowing each other more than before. Good luck my friend. I hope it all works out for you! Medcnman.

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I thought of that, really did, then remembered I never got the guys number. Which caused me to ponder a few more things. I had a basic friendship with a person who stopped by on a whim, more for passing a religious gain. Somehow realizing that was not ever going to happen still deciding to stop. I failed to mention this guy popped in once while we a few of us were building my pole barn. Instead of leaving or preaching and gainning another hopeful audience, this cat grabs a hammer and proceeds to help. I guess what really sets my underpants on fire is I ponder if her words "He only puts up with your visit's due to he dont want to hurt your feelings", kinda rang true ..... at first. The very fact of realizing I never asked for contact information, instead relied on the visits to catch up. Well makes me think alot that, I failed as a friend somewhere as well. Meaning was I true friend.

Either way her actions I feel are completely unacceptable by any means. If I had wanted to say things in such a manner, I woulda. Putting bunny muffin in my mouth for me isnt me doing it.


In any event, makes one think, especially when they are coming off a mediating moment.

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He should be a pretty simple find. Google Jehovas witness churchs in your area. Theres usually not more than one in each area. Stop by and see if you can chat. I'm not a believer either but i do feel that somewhere, somehow, there is a higher power than us. I dont think it needs a name or a face or an entire structure designed to embrace it. To each our own. Its all good. Medcnman.

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Maybe she was supporting you. Maybe thinking since your not a believer, you wouldnt want them at your door. Now you have a seperation of church and chick (LOL). It seems repairable. Medcnman.



After 7 years of dating, I sure am glad I never hit a 17 year mark with her. Let the repairs, and this seperation begin. I at least have full use of my left hand, callouses and all. LMAO.


Seems odd, in one foul swoop, I was seperated from a blanket hound and a friend. Good news there. Bad news is I got accustomed to sleeping with her snoring. Now I will have to leave the tv set on awhile, and run my light bill up even more. That and invest into a good callous remover that wont sting.


Sorry trying to keep my mojo, seeing Karma hit me in the muffin maker today.


Seriously, if I had not let her move in a few weeks back, a complete other ordeal I wont speak of..., things woulda been so much better. Leason learned, dont offer a girlfriend your spare spot on the bed, instead, loan her the money for her own pad.

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i would say this falls to perception...




We create the perception others have of us. we project our desires, wished, wants, to those around us. on one hand, your ex girl was doing what she felt you wanted. at some point, she must of gotten the perception from you. On another, She was showing you her understanding of your perception of visits of this nature.



In a way, you can be mad at her, but she was only spreading your judgements from the sound of your story.



imo, if you wish to make this right, anti karma it if you will, you need to make it right with both the guy, his beliefs and your ex girl.


fwiw, im anti religious. I do believe in a god, or a higher power if you will, but organized religion is the work of idle hands.

oh ya i also believe in KARMA

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