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Drug Tests. Whats Legal


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ok so this is a very long story so to sum it up i was extremely sick while prgnant severe and persistant vomiting my ob couldnt find a "legal drug" that helped so her my fiance and i got together and talked about the pros and cons of marijuana she agreed that after i started smoking i began to gain weight eat and sleep well. my baby was born six weeks early with a genetic disorder was in and out of the detroit childrens medical center for 6 months. during those months i constantly caught the nursing staff neglecting my child. so me being a concerned parent started taking pictures because the hospital wasnt doing anything about what we were telling them. three days later my son was taken from and illegaly put into foster care for 2 months now we have to take drug tests and we are not allowed to use our legal marijuana to medicate. the judge told us marijuana cards are just an excuse to get high. i do not use another drugs and barely drink. p.s. the baby was born with marijuana in his system and the doctors all told cps they needed a better reason to take our child, they found a way to take him and did.he was born in march they took him in august after he had been released to us 3 times before it is currently january 27th, 2012 and we still do not have our son. no one wants to take our case and i need help not only with drug tests but taking this to a civil suit. Somebody needs to pay. there is so much to more to this story that is so messed if anyone can help please let me know danielle2361@gmail.com. the picture attatched is my son in the hospital after the ripped tape off of his face and made his face puss for 2 days this was my breaking point. he has a trach and feeding tube which was never cleaned by a nurse or doctor and was infected numerous times as well as the worst diaper rash i've ever seen. i was scared to death to go home because of this.


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