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What Will Become Of The Prohibition Industry?

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When cannabis is legalized again there will be an entire industry, the prohibition industry, that will have nothing much to do.


No more confiscations. No more work for cops, court clerks, substance abuse counselors and urine testing facilities.


They will be all dressed up with no place to go.


The same thing happened when prohibition was lifted on alcohol. That time they switched to "marihuana" prohibition.


What will they go after next to keep themselves in business? They have probably hit the saturation point with other illegal drugs.


How will they provide for their families?


Legislate criminal penalties for fatty food? Keep sugar out of the schools?


What will they "save the children" from next?


What's your best guess?

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Very good point sir, I know the legalization will create much more jobs pertaining to the marijuana industry. I hope they lean towards preventing the use of synthetic marijuana and unregulated substances coming in from overseas mainly pharmaceuticals painkillers/steroids/benzo purchased in bulk amounts for staggering low prices from Mexico/china Most of those pills have god knows what in them making it a sickening thought. I believe this aspect of trafficking is vastly underlooked as it's very difficult for dogs to sniff those pills and they have gotten very good at packaging there products for shipping. God only knows how bad it really is.

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