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Electronic Pest Control


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snake oil. Don't buy them.


A short story from my past:


One of my inventions back in the early 80's was a "skeeter tweeter". I did some research and found that only the female mosquito bites. Also, that the females would stay away from the males. They did this by detecting the frequency of the male mosquitoes wing beats.


So I wired up a 555 timer circuit to a ultrasonic speaker and a potentiometer to adjust the frequency. I went out dusk to a big field where mosquitoes would collect by the thousands. While they were biting me, I tried to adjust the frequency to find the magic hertz that would cause the females to stay away. After a couple of nights like this and hundreds of bites, I gave up. Good idea, good name, but the product didn't work.


A couple years later, I saw units like mine on the market. It was then I realized that I had missed an opportunity, albeit a dishonest one. I could have gone to market anyway. :devil:


The units that emit CO2, and then suck in the mosquitoes actually do work, but I don't think they work for more than mosquitoes. AFAIK, they are the only biting insects attracted to CO2 (our breath).

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i would look more into the frequencies required to scramble their organs ect. like the infamous brown note...


You were on the right path, but opposed to looking for the frequency to repell them via matching the freq of the males wing speeds, you may of had much better luck, and a zillion less bits, if you were to work in a more controlled area, and deciphered the frequency required to explode their organs, or destroy the reproductive organs ect..

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