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What's Going On?

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I received an e-mail from Rep. Jeff Irwin from Ann Arbor. It was in response to an e-mail I supposidly sent concerning the bills working their way throught the House and Senate. Problem is, I never sent him an e-mail. Another member here, a friend of mine, has had the same experience, except that she has received numerous responses from e-mails she never sent. It is obvious that someone is sending out e-mails using other people's names and e-mail addresses. One one hand, it's great that so many e-mails are being sent out. On the other hand, this is a fraudulent and dishonest way to go about it.

Does anyone here know what is going on? I strongly object to anyone using my name and e-mail address without my authorization, and insist that this stop immediately.

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did you sign the change.org online petition? if you did it gets forwarded to the people it says on the petition,


The Governor of MI

The MI State Senate

The MI State House

The Legislature, Governor and Attorney General of The State Of Michigan

Rep. John Walsh

Rep. Kenneth Horn

Rep. Mark Meadows

Rep. Jeff Irwin

Rep. Phil Cavanagh

Rep. John Olumba



if you have not here it is,


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If you used the sites email omatic it sends out hundreds of emails with one click too . The responses trickle back over a long period of time . It's ok we understand your stressed but don't be its ok to send emails and we sometimes forget how everything is connected . It is almost impossible to be involved in organizations and remain anonymous . Just sending a email in or someone else doing it should not cause a problem . Every message has the computer it came from in the packet codes if there is ever anything incriminating in it . I remember I was taking a Horizons Course on computer use at Lawrence Tech and someone in a computer lab threatened the President . Secret Service were in the building within 45 minutes and had isolated the room it came from . You will be ok it isn't illegal to participate in free speech that is civil yet .


If you haven't seen the Email O Matic thread yet it links persons to nearly every legislator in the State . My representatives are very conservative in some instances yet I was surprised they were wanting input from our side to show others and help us . As members are saying even Rick Jones is on the learning curve which SB 504 displayed with the inclusion of patient protections . They need feedback with personal information from everyone . They really want it and people should not fear reprisals . Believe me there are much larger problems in the State than going after individual patients that isn't part of the equation though we all need to reinforce that in each other on days of strength . This link is one of the best I have ever found to contact legislators en masse thank you to the volunteers that made it possible .



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