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Will Work For Cannabis

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Title says it all, bad harvest last time, and as we just bought a house funds are tight, I am hoping I can barter services for meds, I am a great handy man on homes for most general repairs etc, awesome trimmer, pretty much just don't want to ask for freebies, but I am in need for the nextcpl months any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also provide references on my work, and my trustworthiness.


Mods if this is in the wrong are I apologize, and plz feel free to move to a more aproporiate spot. Thank you

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Keep looking man. I made a post like this last year, and I am still working for my meds while I want on my next harvest. I was even able to pick up a mentor and make a friend in the process.


The 3MA rules!


thats good I hope it works out for me as well. I am down to crumbs and the money to get more just isn't going to be there for awhile. Hopefully someone needs the labor more than the meds still hopeful. thanks dm

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