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Vermont May Add Ptsd To Mmj Qualifying Conditions.

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Vermont to Consider Adding PTSD to Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

by Morgan Fox

January 27, 2012


Vermont was the ninth state to allow seriously ill patients to use marijuana to treat certain illnesses, and now it may become the third to make post-traumatic stress disorder one of those qualifying illnesses. A new bill, introduced by Rep. Jim Masland, would allow patients afflicted with the serious psychological condition from war or other trauma to use medical marijuana without fear of arrest.


There are many people suffering from PTSD who have tried treating their symptoms with marijuana and have found it to be far more effective than the prescription pharmaceuticals they had been directed to use. Unfortunately, there is little scientific research to support their claims, and the federal government recently denied permission to study the potential benefits of marijuana for returning veterans.


If the law passes, Vermont will join New Mexico and Delaware as the only states to allow medical marijuana to be recommended for PTSD out of the 16 states (and the District of Columbia) that permit marijuana treatment for other conditions.


In June 2011, Vermont passed a bill that would regulate the establishment of four non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state.



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more and more vets from 'raq' and 'trashcanistan' coming home will lend a voice to this. PSTD/PTSD can be treated with medical grade marijuana. I have seen it work, and it works on me.


it is hard to explain how it works. Some people say the marijuana is a sedative, it does help manage the anger/rage issues by slowing things down sometimes. But I found the energetic sativa effect also helped, vets will tell you about being in a 'constant state of pump or jacked up feeling' - the feeling of 'being in the shiit' - for some vets this is a comfortable, safe feeling - but it has to be controlled. Vets that are addicted to adrenalin could resort to crime, violence, or harder drugs seeking to 'regain the balance' - by getting that feeling back - 'being in the shiit' is only something we understand. It is our safety zone.


We need PSTD/PTSD on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act conditions.


I love being in the shiit.



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