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5-0 Police Scanner App

MMJ Intern

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For defecates and giggles , I downloaded an app called the 5-0 radio police scanner lite, I read about on Grasscity, while waiting for the MSU CATA bus this morning. They didnt have the Lansing Police listed but growing up in Redford, I found the channel for the Western Wayne County and Livonia police & Fire, Wayne County Sheriff, and MI State Police (district 2). I didn't think I would have heard anything too interesting but I was so engrossed in a road stop call that I didn't even notice the bus came and gone until it was turning the corner. It was quite interesting to hear how police decide how to handle the situation.


Anyways, a guy was pulled over. After they gave his full name & date of birth, dispatch stated the driver had no violations against him but a previous DUI & DWUI conviction. The field officer stated that his computer pulled up warrants in two different counties, one being Oakland. Dispatch said "You are correct. I'll call Oakland first for a roadside pick-up." I literally LOL :lolu:


Happy Thursday all :yahoo-wave:

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