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5-Story Marijuana Farm Is Raided In Bronx


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5-Story Marijuana Farm Is Raided in Bronx




Published: February 1, 2012





The pale five-story brick building, on a drab residential block, looks like many others in the Bronx. But every floor, the police said, was devoted to a single purpose: growing marijuana.


A police lieutenant from the narcotics bureau in the Bronx in a building that housed what officials described as a highly sophisticated marijuana operation.


Investigators discovered 593 marijuana plants on Tuesday in a raid of the building, at 610 Morris Park Avenue, in the Van Nest neighborhood, the police said. Three men were arrested, they said, in connection with the so-called grow house.


The authorities found 75 pounds of marijuana that had been cut, dried and packaged in plastic. The total amount of marijuana recovered from the site was estimated at 1,550 pounds. The police figured that 50 to 60 pounds, with a value of approximately $250,000, were being produced each month.


Some of the plants stood seven feet tall. In one picture released by the police, a lieutenant can be seen wading through two rows of plants that rise well above his head, beneath the glow of a lamp.


Brian Munoz, 24; Diego Reyes, 25; and Victor Reyes, 23, all from the Bronx, were charged with criminal possession of marijuana and using drug paraphernalia.


Members of a Bronx narcotics team began searching the space, in the 49th Precinct, about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, the culmination of what the spokesman called a long-term investigation. The plants were still being removed on Tuesday night and were to be taken to a department laboratory.


In the evening, a small crowd gathered near the building, as officers stood atop an emergency truck and worked to dismantle a metal roll-down gate leading into the property.


Dwayne Dent, 49, who said he had lived in the neighborhood for 20 years, said he was not surprised to hear a marijuana operation was operating on the block. “This is New York City,” he said. “I should be surprised?”


The ringleaders could have made millions, he mused, a video camera dangling from his neck. “It’s kind of genius,” he said. “Until they got caught.”

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As much fun as it would be to have this many plant's, I cant understand how people still see themselves getting rich quick cultivating marijuana. Just have to take life for what you have, Do what you can to get by, and be thankful for what you get in the process, and you'll be happy in the long run without the bs.

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