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All-new series American Weed finds Colorado medical marijuana businesses under scrutiny and facing mounting pressures from local residents. Medical cannabis entrepreneur and Fort Collins dispensary owner Josh Stanley works aggressively to counter such pressure with radio ads and fundraisers. As the oldest of 11 kids, Josh relies heavily on several of his brothers to work at the grove and keep his business supplied in medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Sgt. Jim Gerhardt and fellow officers on the North Metro Task Force continue to find illegal grows by residents claiming to be growing medical marijuana. Is the pendulum swinging back to curb the 10-year proliferation of medical marijuana in Colorado?

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More machine fed propaganda to the sheeple to try and feed cannabis related bigotry to the masses lets see where the funding from this program starts and we could probably trace it back to NIDA and the feds


Sad really that we are force fed this garbage...i think thats why i am more drawn to nova


Remember when the discovery channel actually showed science and nature stuff

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