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Simply Murder!


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Autistic Teen Fatally Shot by Police in Calumet City Home



Police had been to home numerous times before and had used a TASER in the past. This time...Two bullets to the head!!!

Updated: Thursday, 02 Feb 2012, 8:05 AM CST

Published : Wednesday, 01 Feb 2012, 11:58 AM CST


FOX Chicago News


Calumet City, Ill. - Calumet City police shot and killed Stephon Watts, a 15-year-old autistic boy, in his home Wednesday.


The teen apparently lunged at police officers with a butter knife and his face partially covered in the home in the 500 block of Forsythe, the boy’s mother said. Police shot the boy twice, fatally wounding him.


"They murdered my son, shot him twice in the head and decided to kill him," said Danelene Powell-Watts. "They didn't have to shoot him in the head, they could have tazed him. They could have hit him in his arm or his leg. They didn't have to kill a 15-year-old with autism."


Powell-Watts said she was asleep at the time, but the boy’s father, who suffers from pancreatic cancer, witnessed the shooting.


The father was trying to get his son off the computer to go to school when the boy got angry and out of hand, his mother said. In the past, when the son has had problems, police have been called to the house.


Police have had to taser the son in the past, his mother said.


"All we wanted was help," said the boy's uncle, Wayne Watts. "We didn't want no trouble. We are a law-abiding family and we believed in the police and for this to happen is devastating."


Calumet City Police Chief Edward Gilmore said that officers didn't have a choice.


"He is well known to this department as someone who will grab a knife, who likes to fight with his fists," Gilmore said. "Unfortunately today, when he slashed the officers arm, the officer felt his life was in jeopardy he nothing else to do but defend himself."


Police characterized the knife as a "kitchen knife," but they weren't more specific. They said since they were in the basement, using a taser was not an option in this instance.


The two officers who fired their weapons in the shooting are on paid leave.



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Soo they knew him.. knew he had autism.. Had dealt with him before and didnt come prepared to deal with the situation properly? They will burn in he double hockey sticks for murdering one of gods special children.. MOM and Dad.. You two will find later in your lives that you should have handled your son instead of asking COPS to do it for you..

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Do tazers not work in basements? I watched a guy get tazed in the backseat of a car once! If they are trying to say they were too confined to use a tazer, its BS!! My nephew is autistic and extremely strong but my sister hasnt had to shoot him. Sounds to me like they got tired of dealing with him and felt it was easier to just murder him. They will probably find deadly force was necessary and return the murderers to their positions. I hope thos cops have trouble sleeping at night! He was a 15 year old boy. Medcnman.

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