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Quantacann Cannabis Testing At Harborside

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QuantaCann cannabis testing system makes revolutionary changes in the industry with on-site testing for medical cannabis safety, strains and potency. Since beta testing and implementation, Harborside has already identified 5 new strains of cannabis rich in CBD, a non-psychoactive component that has great medicinal efficacy.


In a major scientific development for the cannabis industry, an exciting and advanced new technology has recently been launched at the nation's leading medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center, located in Oakland, California. Harborside is the first in the region to implement and utilize the new technology, "QuantaCann," after months of beta testing and collaborations with developer Steep Hill Lab, an Oakland cannabis testing facility.


QuantaCann's new technology is an innovative software and scientific instrumentation system that is used on-site at dispensaries and collectives to test strains and provide quick results. In minutes, QuantaCann analyzes the strain, providing data about THC and CBD potency levels, moisture content, and many other components of the plant. In addition to other fields of critical strain-specific data, the system catalogs symptoms and medical conditions that the strains are being utilized for, providing a valuable database of information for future research.


"This new system is a game changer for the entire industry," says Steve DeAngelo, the Executive Director of Harborside. Five years ago DeAngelo was looking for a lab to test medical cannabis for strain data, potency and chemistry to ensure he provided only the finest quality medical cannabis at his highly regarded Oakland medical cannabis club facility. No existing lab in Northern California would take this task on, so DeAngelo collaborated with engineer David Lampach and activist Addison DeMoura to create Steep Hill Lab, the nation's first medical cannabis testing facility, in 2008. After testing over 2,100 strains of cannabis, 9 rare strains were found with solid levels of CBD, the component known to lessen the affects of inflammation, pain, anxiety and spasms without producing the psychoactive effect of the plant associated with THC.


Despite constant Federal vs. State intervention and confusion of the laws, the medical cannabis industry has now grown to 17 states and the District in Columbia with many ancillary businesses and services forming to support the now millions in the patient care community. With growing acceptance of and demand for medicinal cannabis, lab-tested and certified "clean green" medicine is a trend that has grown exponentially over the past few years.


QuantaCann uses Near-Infrared Reflective (NIR) spectroscopy to compare the data to thousands of samples from Steep Hill's vast database, thereby allowing the machine to deliver test results in seconds. The system identifies CBD-rich strains, which have many benefits yet are extremely rare, making the QuantaCann system a valuable tool for any dispensary. Harborside has already discovered 5 new CBD strains since implementing QuantaCann.


The availability of the QuantaCann system to everyone in the cannabis industry is sure to revolutionize the safety and purchasing process, adding consistency and immediate results for dispensaries and patient-farmers growing the medicine. The database will grow as the system becomes available in all compassionate use states and could also greatly aid new studies and research. Harborside Health Center, in collaboration with Steep Hill Lab, once again breaks new ground for the industry.



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