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Medicine-Friendly Therapists?

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First of all, hello! This is my first time on this site and I specifically came here to ask a certain question. I have been seeing a therapist for about a year now and have been a medical patient for a while longer than that. Every therapist, psychiatrist, and counselor I have seen has told me that I need to quit using the medicine that I choose to consume - Marijuana. I need to find one who won't immediately jump to that conclusion before even talking to me.


I've been using marijuana for about 5 years now. At one point I was using about 2 oz per month in order to control the pain from my scoliosis along with the nausea I feel from several gastrointestinal issues I have. I have also been diagnosed with clinical depression and bi-polar disorder and when I use marijuana frequently, I experience a drastic reduction in symptoms. However, about 2 years ago, I started to get panic attacks whenever I smoked. I thought it might be time for a break, but I can't stand the way not consuming makes me feel. I am irritable, nervous, high strung, nauseous, I don't eat, don't sleep well, and I'm in almost constant pain from the scoliosis. I was prescribed several medications, but they don't help nearly as much as marijuana did. I need to find a counselor who will help me be able to use the medicine I need without having panic attacks.


I live in Clinton Township, and I would love to have suggestions as to who I can see in my area.

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I think you should think about one - changing up your stain and two - getting on simpson oil as it has been a better pain killer than smoking for me. It's also been more economical for me to use the oil vs smoking and definitely better results. You might have to talk to a few growers/caregivers/dispensaries whatever or do research to find out what other people use. Using a combo of strains might also help. I don't have scoliosis but I do have chronic pain for over a decade. It hurts in my bones, my muscles, and sometimes my GD hair! The oil has been a lifesaver and you might find the paranoia goes away while using it.


Don't give up. As far as the therapist, well that I can't help with. I find therapists have their own slants and attitudes and probably need to light up once in a while, lol.


Get the right strain, combo, or form, and you might find these therapist visits just aren't that necessary. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice! The reason I'm hoping to get back to using actual green is that my father is my caregiver so I get wicked discounts haha. And I'm not positive, but I've got to assume that the panic attacks are psychological in nature. I mean, how can I go from 2 oz/month to feeling like this from just THINKING about smoking?

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