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Representative David Rutledge - District 54


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Rep Rutledge has scheduled an open meeting, not necessarily about medical MJ but I am sure that he will field questions. He seems to be on our side but is waiting to see the bills that come out of committee before making any decisions. This makes perfect sense.


I think it might help him to see actual patient and caregiver faces though.




From Rep Rutledge's newsletter....


District Coffee Hour


I hope you will join me at my next public coffee hour:


Friday, February 10

9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

B-24's Coffee Shop, 217 W. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti

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I went to this open house. It was very informal and Representative Rutledge was very cordial and receptive.


As I've already sent a number of emails to him complaining about our mistreatment, I thought I would talk about the positive aspect of using this medicine. I explained how thousands of us have been able to reclaim some part of our lives back since the passage of the MMMAct. I told him that I was a zombie when I used opiates for pain control. My outlook for my future was very dim at that time. Using cannabis for pain control, I feel that I am a functioning human again.


The meeting went well. If you get a chance to meet with your representatives, please do so. Don't underestimate the importance of doing this. Putting patient faces to this effort will help to change this from a law enforcement issue to a medical issue.


He agreed to keep me/us informed.

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