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Legalization Petition

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I know someone here must be a petition circulator, perhaps you can set my mind at ease. Is is a requirement of the petition that each signature on a particular page be from the same county? For example, I signed a petition a few weeks ago at Shakedown Street while I was in Grand Rapids...since I'm from four hours away, I asked the person circulating the petition if I needed a seperate sheet for my particular county and he replied that I did not, that as long as my information was correct, I was good to go. I've since read that each individual petition sheet must be for only one county and that if there are residents from more than one county on a page, the entire page will be invalidated. Is there any truth in this?

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Yeah, I don't know...I just talked to a guy at Shakedown and he tells me all their petitions (which would be a lot...they're very active) have more than one county listed on them. If this is the case, we could lose thousands of signatures right off the bat.


Then that brings up another question, lets say we find out all these signatures are invalid...can these people re-sign, or will that be invalidated too due to signing more than one petition?

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The county is listed on the top of the petition sheet. The only signatures that count on that sheet are from registered voters from that county. If you are not from that county they will just not count that line. You can sign as many sheets as you want, but it is a waste of time if it is not for your county. Regardless of how many wrong signatures you made, they will count you when you sign the right sheet

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There is some added potential for confusion on petitions. On the petitions for recalls, i.e. Schuette, the sheets are by township. Just think about that! If you wanted to stand outside someplace like Cobo Hall, you would need over 100+ separate clipboards with petitions for each township/city that someone might be from.


On the legalization issue it is only by "county".

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I've Read the same Thing - Whatz-up???


Any petition for a ballot proposal must follow very strict guidelines. What I do know to be correct is that you must live in the county if its state wide provide the exact address as you have on file with the secretary of state and you signature must match. You cannot sign for your spouse, you must enter the information in the correct area and make sure the signer is a REGISTERED voter. Any deviation and the signature will be discounted. Another note, do NOT sign your name more than once on different petitions! All of your signatures will be excluded from the count. They go over these with a fine tooth comb to determine the accuracy of the signatures. I will try to find the exact rules and post them.






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Dug out of Michigan Complied Laws



Act 116 of 1954


(2) Pursuant to the administrative procedures act of 1969, 1969 PA 306, MCL 24.201 to 24.328, the secretary of state shall promulgate rules establishing uniform standards for state and local nominating, recall, and ballot question petition signatures. The standards for petition signatures may include, but need not be limited to, standards for all of the following:


(a) Determining the validity of registration of a circulator or individual signing a petition.


(b) Determining the genuineness of the signature of a circulator or individual signing a petition, including digitized signatures.


© Proper designation of the place of registration of a circulator or individual signing a petition.





168.482 Petitions; size; form; contents.Sec. 482.


(1) Each petition under this section shall be 8-1/2 inches by 14 inches in size.


(2) If the measure to be submitted proposes a constitutional amendment, initiation of legislation, or referendum of legislation, the heading of each part of the petition shall be prepared in the following form and printed in capital letters in 14-point boldfaced type:




INITIATIVE PETITIONAMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTIONORINITIATION OF LEGISLATIONORREFERENDUM OF LEGISLATIONPROPOSED BY INITIATIVE PETITION(3) The full text of the amendment so proposed shall follow and be printed in 8-point type. If the proposal would alter or abrogate an existing provision of the constitution, the petition shall so state and the provisions to be altered or abrogated shall be inserted, preceded by the words:


"Provisions of existing constitution altered or abrogated by the proposal if adopted."


(4) The following statement shall appear beneath the petition heading:




"We, the undersigned qualified and registered electors,residents in thecitytownship (strike 1) of .......... in the county of ..........,state of Michigan, respectively petition for (amendment toconstitution) (initiation of legislation) (referendum oflegislation) (other appropriate description).".(5) The following warning shall be printed in 12-point type immediately above the place for signatures, on each part of the petition:




WARNINGA person who knowingly signs this petition more than once, signs a name other than his or her own, signs when not a qualified and registered elector, or sets opposite his or her signature on a petition, a date other than the actual date the signature was affixed, is violating the provisions of the Michigan election law.


(6) The remainder of the petition form shall be as provided following the warning to electors signing the petition in section 544c(1). In addition, the petition shall comply with the requirements of section 544c(2).




History: 1954, Act 116, Eff. June 1, 1955 ;-- Am. 1965, Act 312, Eff. Jan. 1, 1966 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 137, Eff. Jan. 1, 1994 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 142, Eff. Mar. 23, 1999

Popular Name: Election Code


<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">



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Thanks Diz, that's what I thought. So, since the person circulating my petition screwed up, I'm not able to offer my support to this initiative as a registered voter?



I would go ahead and sign a second petition that has the county you live in listed on top.


If the petition organizers are doing their job, they will check the petition sheets before they hand them in. At that time they can spot ones that have incorrect dates or locations and just draw a line thru them. This invalids that line and allows you to sign correctly. Worse case is they do not count you.

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Signatures must be on the sheet labelled with the county which they are registered to vote.


Another important point to remember - NO photocopies of the petition will be counted. It must be the official petition from RT's printer.


Also hate to be pissy like this, but if you are collecting signatures you need to get on the ball with procedure. You owe it to the cause and the voters to make sure that their endorsement is counted and not just tossed on a technicality. That is your job as a proctor of the petition.

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If someone was doing that they should have never been given petitions to circulate. The training was very specific. You must sign on the sheet for the county you are registered to vote in. If anyone around Calhoun county wants to get trained just let me know. I will give even one person training. I am meeting some people at Big B Coffee in Marshall tomorrow evening at 6:45. Everyone is welcome.


Here is the instruction sheet for getting signatures. Please don't go just by this though. Get training as there is a lot of good information and a chance to network with others in the movement.






Thank you for your help. After collecting 15 signatures on petition (less if you stop), you must sign and date petition in the lower right. Careful Don’t put your address on the 3rd line of the Circulator Certificate. Please mail your signed petition(s) to Committee for a Safer Michiga, 2930 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207.


1. You can collect signatures from voters registered in Michigan. Each voter must sign a petition for their County with the correct name at the top of the petition.


2. You must be a currently registered voter in Michigan to circulate or to sign the petition. You can be one of the 15 voters who sign the petition you circulate for your County. You and each voter can sign only one Legalize Marijuana petition.


3. Use blue ink pens = County name easy to see . Have extra pens & blank petitions.


4. Use 1 petition for each county: Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Kent, etc. Print the County name in CAPITAL letters in the top center blank space before using.


5. Ask “Please sign this petition to Legalize Marijuana in Michigan, so our Police focus on serious crime.” If YES, ask “What county do you vote in?” Point to city/twp block, and ask “In what city or township do you vote?” See item 6 next.


6. Before the voter signs, YOU point a pen to the city or twp, request that he/she print the box and in the left hand column print the city or township in which the voter is registered. If the voter does not know, ask to see their voter registration card. In the left column ONLY city or township names are valid. Village & postal center names do not count, eg.: Holt use Delhi Twp.; Okemos & most Haslett in Meridian Twp.


7. The voter must write his/her signature and print his/her name legibly. All signatures must be written in the presence of the circulator. Blind / disabled, have other person print voter’s info, then on next line have other person print what they did.


8. In the 4th column for voter’s address, use the address the voter is registered at in the county listed on the petition. Voter may have moved since registering.


9. Discourage the use of ditto marks for voters at the same address. Often a 3rd voter mistakenly will ditto but have a different address.


10. In the Zip Code column, the Zip Code OR the city or village name can be used.


11. Wrong Date - have the person cross out and enter correct date in same ink.


12. The circulator must sign and date the bottom of the petition after the last dated signature, or just before turning in a petition with 15 or fewer signatures.


12. Don’t cut, mark or tear the signature page of the petition. Again, thank you.

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I signed at the Jackson Market last time I visited and they did have a sheet for Wayne County. I couldn't tell you if they were printed on the correct paper though???


This is a great reason to go to the Market . For the same reason I go to Specialized Cannabis Clinic for my certification , they are experts in filling in the forms without errors the first time . My other Doctors work in Hospitals that either have opposition to the MMMAct or they say their afraid of repercussions and or liability .

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Yeah, I tried to call there and talk to them, but got a total douchebag on the phone who wasn't willing to even listen, let alone try to help...gave me the "we're running a business here, not a petition drive" told me they didn't have petitions to sign, etc, etc, etc. I just emailed the owner, we'll see if that does anything.

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No response yet on the email...which I took a long time to compose in a clear, consise, thoughtful and respectful manner...including my plea for a personal response. A a customer of Shakedown for the better part of 20 years, I sure don't appreciate the response to my concern so far. I could well have paid my last visit to Shakedown Street.

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