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Grassroots All-Stars Contest

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Yet another front in this war, may be you can help.


John W.-


Election day may be a little less than nine months away, but there's a very important vote for you to cast before this Tuesday, February 14th.


200 Democratic challengers are competing in our Grassroots All-Stars Contest and your favorite candidate needs your support in order to make it into the next round of the competition.


Vote for your Grassroots All-Star now.


The top ten candidates who have applied for a DFA endoresment will proceed to the final round after Tuesday. Just a few dozen votes separate some of the candidates currently in the top 25.


We rely on the input of DFA members like you to determine which candidates have the grassroots support it will take to win in November and build a more progressive Congress.


The winner of Grassroots All-Stars will automatically receive our biggest endorsement of the year -- and along with it our commitment to raise $20,000 for their campaign.


But they can't do it without you.


Who's your favorite Grassroots candidate?


Thanks for helping us find the best grassroots candidates in the country.


- Kaili


Kaili Lambe, Political Campaign Manager

Democracy for America



Democracy for America relies on you and the people-power of more than one million members to fund the grassroots organizing and training that delivers progressive change on the issues that matter. Please Contribute Today and support our mission.

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can you give some more indepth info on this organization, and the ins and outs of this competiton? im fully unaware of it, or its relationships.


I'm embarrassed, I thought that I was posting something to do with the DPA (Drug Policy Alliance)not the DFA (Democracy for America). I'll apologize if I caused any inconvenience to any one.


This group was founded by former presidential candidate Howard Dean back in 2004. You can find more information on their about page here: http://www.grassrootsallstars.com/about_dfa

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