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Another Good Meeting. This Time With Mike Callton


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Today we met with Rep. Mike Callton at his office in Lansing. The timing couldnt have been better. We walked in right after the MACC walked out. We made a presentation that I think may have caught Mr. Callton off guard. We asked for no changes to the law. I asked Mr. Callton if any other orginizations had asked for changes to the law, such as the ones that just left. He said "yes. They were looking to change the law to allow for dispensaries". I said, "Would you like to know what we are asking for?" "We are asking for nothing. No changes in the law. We instead are asking that the law be implemented as it is written". Joe began his presentation and offered legislation a solution to the problem without changing even a comma in the law. A proposal that would streamline the certification process and speed up the card disbursment issues that the state has been hounded over for 3 years. All without changing the law as it is written. He proposed a solution for the doctor patient relationship. And a solution for protecting the patient through every step of the certification process. Mr Callton only had 30 minutes available to give us today, but if it weren't for his staff trying to rush him out the door to another appointment, I think he would have stayed longer. As the meeting ended he asked us to schedule yet another meeting to discuss the presented proposals in further detail. We look forward to working with Mr. Collton to make sure that the patients rights are protected in every aspect of the law. All in all, it was a great meeting. Mr. Collton is the co-sponsor of all but one House Bill that is being proposed. He agrees that more information is needed before any decisions can be made. We like that idea too! Mr. Callton was nice enough to let us get a picture before he had to rush out the door. Here it is. Thank-You, Medcnman


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