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Structure Of The War On Drugs

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This graph illustrates the actual structure and chain of command of the War on Drugs.

GREEN PANTHERS! takes great pride in having researched and constructed it.


Activists in the United States should note that policy is dictated from the United Nations Office of Drug Control Policy, based in Vienna, Austria.


Efforts to change drug policy via Washington, DC, fall short of their mark.

The war comes from Vienna, not Washington, DC, USA





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Another factoid; the 'war on drugs', although based in Austria, is almost completely financed by the good old U.S. A., using our tax money, either directly, or through our dues paid to the United Nations, which we supply to the tune of 3/4 of the U.N' s budget.


Now we can see the reason why no change in 'our' drug laws have occurred; with a massive 'money eating' organization such as this one, if the drug laws were changed, power, influence and millions of dollars would be pulled from these various agencies.


We all need to VOTE come November!

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