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New Mmma Anthem ?


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Vicci Martinez new song 'Come Along'


I'm not generally too excited by most new music but I saw this singer on Jay Leno last night and she was very good.


The song was good too though I wasn't able to find all the lyrics. It seemed like it could become our fight song.


I am just wondering if Blueberry should sing Vicci's part or Cee-Lo's part. What do you think?



See the video on the upper right side of the webpage....I wasn't sure how to embed this


Vicci Martinez

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what a beautiful song. reminds me of "who"s house?" Our house.


Just imagine her belting that out from the Capitol steps at our next rally. That is such a great protest song. I think it would get folks more than ready for 'Who's house? Our House!!'


Sorry Joe, the votes are in and everyone wants you to sing the lead. Those lyrics are just too perfect of a fit for the Marine leading this fight.


Oh, btw, can you sing?


Hmmm, Ok, we'll try the lip sync thing then.


What? I didn't think you would want to wear that outfit, but OK, if you want to.

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