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Well .. The Cancer Is Back


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Another thing that heals cancer is grapes...so eat lots of them. We need you to be here to help in the fight. Get better soon.


At the Univeristy of Tampa they are working with tomato's also but they say they must be heated like cannabis too . Stewed ,sauces ,baked in a pizza etc . Some people take the supplement lycopene but taking it from food just seems healthier and more natural to me . I put some tomato's in a breakfast omlet a few times a week . Cannabis has given me a interest to eat a improved diet and cook besides garden . I get at least a hour of improved activity a day with a dosing routine I repeat on a fixed schedule like my other medicinal items .If I feel I need a break I take it which is not a option for my dependent medications .



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Wishing you a good outcome. If this is your gall bladder I would suggest you get it cut out. The surgery has become fairly advanced in many cases laproscopic techniques can be used. That means your recovery from the surgery itself is easier. ( I have had conventional surgery for hernias and the recovery is by its nature painful.)


I really hope your approach works and you manage to beat the cancer with the oil.

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songsforthecurelogo.pngablessing.gifFoodstoFightCancer.pnghealing.jpgFINDINGTHECUREFORECANCER.jpgBrokenBone0120.jpghow-to-help-sick-dog2.jpgMan PB, I really want you to be cured of this terrible disease, and you may already have the cure! Please let us know of your good outcomes as soon as they are evident, my friend! I also hope this isn't offensive, this last one, just trying to get you to smile if you can. It is good medicine, too! Peace...cowbell.jpg
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Sorry to hear that PB. You beat it before.


Ya know PB, organic turmeric has cancer killing properties as well as a number of other Ayurvedic compounds. Ashwagandha acts as a catalyst to enhance the potency of other herbs. If it were me, I would take them both along with the Simpson Oil.


Shilajit is another. 85 minerals + fulvic & humic acids in ionic form and penetrates the cell wall.


Frankincense & Myrrh too but not just any. You have to get the best quality. The Frankincense from the Dhofar region in Oman and Myrrh from the Yemen were the gift of kings and in Biblical times were both equal in weight to pure gold. It wasn't just because they smell good on hot coals. I have both. Yours if you want it.


Also alkalyze. They say disease can't exist in an alkaline environment and only when we become acidic can disease set in.


Diet too. I would eat only raw fruits & veggies. Nothing else.


I dunno. I can only say what I would do if it were me and it almost was me last fall. Had an egg size tumor in my neck. It turned out to be benign and was surgically removed last month. Was a nice one too. 32 stitches to close.


I don't pray much anymore bro but I know some people who do and I'll give your first name for their prayer circle. They believe it makes a difference.



I hope you keep us informed PB. You're a friend and a brother. None of us want anything to happen to you. Keep well. :rock:

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take those lab results to Lansing tomorrow and let them know in no uncertain terms that they are denying this same opportunity to many through their ignorance which has led to a blatant (borderline criminal) defiance in properly implementing the law. Thank god you are getting such great news. God bless you and keep helping to heal us all.

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