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Video 2012-02-23 House Judiciary Work Group On Medical Marihuana


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This is the video of the 2012-02-23 House Judiciary Work Group on Medical Marihuana (204 MB)


I wanted to upload it to the MMMA server so I don't get creamed with bandwidth usage so if a mod could host it I would appreciate it.


Please right click on the link below to save it to your computer



Have you thought about posting it to YouTube or Vimeo?

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OK updates:


Today the hearings kicked off.


This was the day for the Committee members to discuss their process of the meetings and committee situation to date.


We go back on March 1st, for Ogranization testimony from the many different organizations the committee spoke with thru the last few months, and again now on March 8th, as this will be the day for Patients and Caregivers to have a chance to directly speak to and with Legislators about their experience, worries, concerns ect...


So we have now 10 more days for you to submit your Testimonial For Legislation.


Rep Walsh as seen in the early part of the vid, Stated NOW is the time for you to Call your Reps and Senators! Make sure they hear from you on these Issues, or you voices wont be taken into account, the more of you that speak up, the more of them that hear us....


on a side note, was Excellent to meet alot of you finially today. Look forward to our future meetings and working together in these many endeavors in the future....

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The better question is, what are you going to do about it? Thanks, Bb

Exactly, stand up and Make you point known. The more of you that stand up the more they take notice and trust me we have more friends up there then you think. But doing nothing will only let them run right over ya so help us help you. Join us, send in those letters make those calls as it makes a HUGE difference.

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I noticed a mark change in their attitudes. To me it seemed we are gaining ground. A couple mentioned they were against the act, but now see there is a great need. Others mentioned some concerns that we have. They also mentioned getting many letters and phone calls. They are hearing us, but still have a long way to go. They can pretend like we do not matter, but it is clear they are getting our message. This gives me a lot of hope. If we keep the letters flowing, keep the phones ringing, keep knocking on their doors, they will listen and learn. Some have already learned a lot. Soon, more and more of them will have close loved ones who find relief from the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Truth always wins in the end. I am sure their are mules in the crowd, but we only need 26% on our side.

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Greetings to all who have an interest in the liberty to exercise the right to medical use of marijuana by qualified patients under the provisions of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, Michigan's most significant example of democracy in action, a peoples initiative approved by 63% of the voters.


I am here to expose you to the harms to the liberties of the citizens who would become, or who are now, qualified patients, caretakers, and doctors, and harms to the intent of the 63% of voters, and harms to the intent of the declaration of intent in the MMMA.


The actual wording of the first paragrph of the MMMA sets forth the tone and intent of the ACT:


AN INITIATION of Legislation to allow under State Law the medical use of marijuana;to provide protections for the medical use of marijuana;


The clear intent of this ACT is to allow, and to provide protections for the medical use of marijuana. These are certainly and clearly stated objectives of this ACT and it is the language chosen by the vote of 63% of the people, with the expectation that the blanket of criminality thrown over every use of marijuana be lifted with allowances and protections for medical use of marijuana.


I'm sorry to say HB 4834; 4851; 4853; 4856 have failed the intent of the ACT, and the intent of the people, and rather than facilitate to "allow" a qualifying patient to obtain his medical marijuana , they limit, restrict and burden every patient suffering under the duress of a dehabilitating condition that makes him a qualified patient.


HB 4834 requires from a medical marijuana patient what no other medical patient must provide by law: two very specific photos, with demensions and angles and time requirements and even restictions on wearing glasses. This is greatly burdensome to any qualifying patient, and only allows for more unnecessary rules to be broken by a qualifying patient, with criminal penalties. Most people have a driver's license with a photo that could be used to cross-reference the name of a card holder. And their is a provision on the present State Application Form to check if a patient will voluntarily release his registry information to law enforcement; and the THCF clinic, where I found my medical marijuana doctor, recommends their patients release such information, that law enforcement have no excuse to raid their premises because they did not know a patient was registered or not.


Also, confidential information, not required by other medical patients that are prescribed dangerous pharmaceuticals, is required by this proposal (h)(1)(3)(4) for access by government and law enforcement to facilitate the convenience of the respective jobs of limiting medical marijuana use to their prejudices. The court has ruled "cops can lie," and it is my experience that they do, and this proposal would make it too easy for law enforcement to abuse medical marijuana patients.


HB 4851 is offensive in its intent, and likely unconstitutional as written. To propose that a for a citizen with the enumerated debilitating conditions described in this ACT to qualify to be a medical marijuana patient in a "Bona-fide physician-patient relationship" means an established treatment or Counseling relationship in which all of the following are present (1) The physician has completed a full assessment of the patient's medical history and current medical and (here is the offensive part) psychological condition, including an appropriate, in person, physical examination of the patient" is erroneous and prejudicial. The simple understanding of "bone-fide physician-patient relationship" is a licensed doctor attending to a debilitating condition of a patient under the MMMA. Who of you are required by law to have your doctor psychologically assess you for any medical condition covered under this ACT? Is a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor qualified to psychologically assess anyone?

The intent of this proposal is to harass the docter-patient relationship with undue burdens and to garner private information that in conjunction with HB4834 would allow government and law enforcement an open door to accuse any medical marijuana patient of mental instability. Even if the patient's medical doctor's assessment of his patient's psychological wellbeing is positive, any prosecutor could accuse a medical marijuana patient, and bring in his own expert psychologist to refute the patient's doctor, and find him in need of the Court's care. I believe if this proposal were to become law, it would soon be challenged under the "equal protections" provision of the Constitution, and is clearly NOT the intent of the MMMA.


Section (A)(2) of this proposal further burdens medical marijuana patients and doctors. Without proposed protections for doctors, only the most idealistic, compassionate, and brave doctors have put their professional careerss in jeopardy of government and law enforcement whims and fancies of allowable enforcement to care for medical marijuana patients, or why do we need another doctor besides our primary care physician who best knows our state of health to opine a recommendation that marijuana may help? The intent of this ACT is to provide protections for the medical use of marijuana, not undue burdens on doctors or patients as this HB 4851 proposes.


HB 4853 addresses selling marijuana in violation of registry identification card restrictions. Perhaps a better proposal would provide more options to transfer medical marijuana between patients and patients, and patients and caretakers, and caretakers and caretakers, to better comply with the intent of the MMMA and the people to provide protections for the medical use of marijuana. Medical use includes transfers and acquisitions. Not all marijuana is the same. Some stronger strains offer more relief to particular patients; other milder strains accomplish better results in other patients. When a patient has many strains available to him, he can better manage his debilitating condition.


HB 4856 proposes two very limiting and burdensome rules for medical marijuana patients, which no other medical patients using dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are required to observe: to enclose marijuana in a case; to carry marijuana in the trunk of the vehicle; the marijuana must be inaccessable from the interior; and violation of these rules will criminalize a patient with imprisonment of 90 days or a $100.00 fine or both. This is an unreasonable proposal not keeping within the intent of the ACT and the people. What if a patient needs to take a long trip, and needs to medicate hourly? How does this proposal provide protections for his medical use of marijuana? If he medicates in the private property of his own vehicle as a passenger, who does it harm? Must the car be stopped and a non public place be found for him to medicate? This proposl unduly burdens the chronic conditions of a medical marijuana patient.


Secion (3)(D) as written shows little knowledge of growing marijuana, and little fore thought for patients and caregivers. Consider a husband and wife who live under the same roof with their parents each having a medical marijuana card. It is physically and financially unreasonable for each patient to grow their marijuana independently of each other. In fact, it is more secure growing it together. Growing marijuana is very labor intensive; what if a patient is in poor physical condition, or late in years? This proposal says he cannot get any help, but must be the only person to enter his grow facility. Part of the patients' healing from marijuana is the aroma it emits, and the joy from seeing the plant mature. HB 4856 forbids this healing and enjoyment if a patient has a caretaker. This proposal does not provide protections for the medical use of marijuana.


A better proposal would be to provide for cooperative or family grow operations within the law; and provide legal help grow options for patients in need. Further considerations must be made for children of patients and caretakers who are always around marijuana; there must be protections for children from the law damaging their lives and futures by unreasonable accusations of violations of this ACT because they are brought up in this environment.


It is clear to me these proposals fail to fulfill the intent of MMMA, and the intent of the people. As I can appreciate the work involved in these proposals, I fear the sum of it has been misguided to provide protections for relevant government employees and law enforcement, and NOT protections for medical use of marijuana. None of these proposals facilitate the allowance of medical use of marijuana; nor do they provide protections for the medical use of marijuana.



May I suggest a new viewpoint from which to proceed? I personally believe in the GOD of the Holy Bible, YHWH, I AM WHO AM, and the Michigan Constitution's recogition of a Creator and the sanctity of a man's conscience toward his Creator. YHWH said HE Created all things, and in Genesis 1:29, HE said all seed-bearing plants are food for humanity, and in Genesis 1:30, GOD saw all that He made, and it was very good. GOD being the orgin of marijuana, you must concede the prudence in observing with fear and awe GOD'S Word. Marijuana was without doubt created by GOD as a seed-bearing plant to serve GOD'S purpose for a multi-purpose plant with many food and other values to bless mankind. Marijuana's highest purpose and use is for GOD'S worship, or religious use. Next is medical, for the healing of the nations. Then food, and food products, as in commercial uses; then for the feeling of joy and well-being of the people, as in recreational use; and then for building materials, etc. as in industrial use.


From the perspective of GOD'S purpose for marijuana, the prohibition of marijuana is very offensive to GOD. You may have heard JESUS CHRIST say, "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto GOD what is GOD'S." Marijuana is GOD's, taxes belong to Caesar


For the period of time marijuana has been prohibited to mankind, this certain worship of GOD has been prevented with deadly force, and its peaceful religion forbidden and under persecution by the very government sworn to protect freedom of religion according to conscience.


Ask yourself how many churches in Michigan allow medical marijuana users to come and worship with them without a precondition to suspend all marijuana use first? And that particular marijuana use is his very act of worship by conscience that every established tax exempt church willingly fails to recognize. And the medical marijuana user is left without a church to join, and he is forbidden to create his own church according to his conscience to teach GOD'S Word to marijuana users and fellowship in his name. If you can see it, government owes a great debt to GOD and marijuana usrs for the prohibition of marijuana to religious use.


Perhaps you do not believe in or fear GOD as I do. Then I appeal to your parenthood for the sake of your children. If the prohibition is removed from marijuana then your children will never unduly suffer like mine. Unprohibited marijuana reduces potential harm to children from the deadly force of law enforcement and violent drug dealers. Unprohibited marijuana will secure your children from the unreasonable ravages of the legal and justice systems, and prevent a criminal record for an action as harmless as a child having marijuana seed in his pocket. Unprohibited marijuana will allow parents and children to be honest with each other about drugs and learn and respect marijuana for what it truly is,a blessing. No children's parents should be threatened with prison, and fines and forfeitures or loss of life because of marijuana use. That is unreasonable punishment for an act of possession that causes no harm to society, and is little risk of harm to the individual.


I ask all concerned legislators to be honest about the harms of marijuana. As inappropriate as it is for a child to use marijuana, marijuana has never killed

a child by overdose, nor caused the child permanent harm. Rather, children who have used marijuana, have lived to tell about it, and use it again, so we must consider that the harms from marijuana are minimal, especially when compared to the dangers of the other Schedule 1 drugs of the Controlled Substance Act, like heroin, or cocaine.


Please consider my concerns for GOD and HIS WILL and purpose for marijuana, and my concerns for the human beings who have been victimized into a slave criminal class by a blind acceptance of an ill-conceived Controlled Substance Act Schedule 1 placement of marijuana, and my concerns for the patients, and caregivers, and doctors who would be unduly burdened by the House Bill proposals in question.


Thank You for this opportunity to share my experience and concerns,




Dennis Pielack

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