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Attorney General Files Another Motion Against Big Daddy's


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With civil and criminal hearings for Big Daddy's Hydroponics on the horizon, the Michigan Attorney General has filed another motion against the Chesterfield Township business.


The document requests Macomb County Circuit Court Judge John Foster enforce a previous ruling against Big Daddy's Hydroponics. The judge initially sided with Chesterfield Township and the state by ordering the medical marijuana dispensary to close, but then clarified the ruling by allowing limited operations.


That means the parties are to reappear Monday morning in the Mount Clemens court, according to Big Daddy's Management.


Regarding Bill Schuette's motion calling for a permanent injunction and ban of medical marijuana sales, Big Daddy's owner Rick Ferris stated, "He made it simple so all the judge has to do is sign his name—when the law clearly states otherwise and we can prove it—and that's why he doesn't want us to have our day in court."


Big Daddy's has been embroiled in litigation with Chesterfield and the state over allegations it violates zoning laws and is a public nuisance. Much of the case has centered on the legal interpretation of the Medical Marihuana Act that a majority of voters passed in 2008.


In the most recent court appearance earlier this month, Foster allowed the zoning case to proceed Feb. 28 and, at the request of Big Daddy's attorney, a criminal case to forge ahead March 28. Ferris said he had hoped the case would be converted from civil to criminal to have a jury decide if the business broke any laws.


Medical marijuana advocates packed the courtroom to show their support for dispensaries across the state. In November, many of them rallied around Big Daddy's by protesting the state and township's attempts to shut them down outside the courthouse.


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Truth reveals one's lies. Justice reveals one's acts of injustice.


Ump says no balls & 2 strikes. Due process is the next pitch and he hasn't really hit it very well in his short career. Looks like he'll make another out for his team. Can't expect much from any below average hitter with no RBIs. Contract outrighted to the minors.








Peace. :rock:

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