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Mmmp Caregiver With 2 Openings


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Let me start by saying I am not new to growing meds. I have been doing it legally for over a year and several years before that. Let me also say I am sorry for all of the crappy experiences that many patients have had with other caregivers. Forget the dispensaries, even if it wasn't sketchy right now, their prices are too high and their quality is maybe equal to mine ( at the good ones).


I have currently been a caregiver for over a year. I have had 3 patients for almost a year. All my patients are very happy with my meds and my medibles. I take requests from all my patients, if you want a strain, I will go out of my way to get it. If you want a specific medible, I will try to make it.


I am by no means tooting my own horn or standing on a sop box. All of these things have been said by my patients. My patients like me so much that if you wanted to talk to one as a reference you could.


All of my medibles are extremely strong. They will couch lock even the biggest man. I typically stick to recipes that use butter, preferably a lot of butter.


All of my meds are top notch! Perfectly dry, perfectly trimmed, and strong. I trim like nobody else I've seen. My meds always look the best in a room. I have never sold wet meds, that's not even a smart thing to do. It will mold in jars/bags. It's just not good.


I am constantly revolving in new strains, I try to keep things fresh.


Here is a current list: Mendacino Cheese, O.G. Kush, Kandy Kush, Charlie Sheen, Jack Herer, White Jack, Cheesus, Cheesy Dick, Frisian Dew, Sour Candy, Afgan Kush, Train Wreck, Sensi Star, Moby Dick, Colombian Gold, kushage, Super Lemon Haze, Critical Plus, Fruity Chronic Juice, Diesel, Bubba '76, Blueberry Gum, ect.........


All of the above strains are growing in my garden as I write this.


Before you say it, that is not moo poo! All my strains are top notch and come from seed. No clones from anybody. Straight Seeds from the Seed bank. I can show you the receipts if you don't believe it. All my orders have gone through the Attitude Seed Bank.


I am not gonna lie and say I am organic. Most caregivers that think they are organic have no clue what they are talking about. Any grower worth his weight in dirt will tell you organics don't come from a bottle!!

I grow hydroponically with a nutrient regimen from a very reputable company in the business. I have yet to have a problem with pests, so no pesticides. I spray my plants with neem oil during their vegetative stage, never during flowering. I have found that doing this from the start prevents any problems later on.


With all of my experience comes knowledge. My friends and family would swear I went to college for it.


I want real patients, not just people with a card.


I WILL NOT EVEN TALK TO YOU UNLESS YOU HAVE A HARD CARD! Sorry, but there is too many people with fake papers running around. Even once I see your card, I CAN NOT SELL TO YOU! You have to fill out the paperwork and become my patient before any transactions can take place. Again, sorry but I am only following the laws and will not do anything other than what is stated in the laws. I don't believe in grey areas or things that might or might not be legal. The laws are clearly written and I know them well. If you do have a hard card, I will smoke with you and show you my meds. But I can't do anything about selling it to you until the paperwork is mailed. The patient/caregiver relationship isn't something that just comes and goes. Too many people treat as if they can change caregivers every week. It is a committed relationship. Like always you can get out of a committed relationship, it's just a simple form and $10 to the state.

[Mod Edit- Please keep all pertinent details between you and your potential patients] I will not lure you in and switch them...there is a discount if you get your total allowed amount of 2.5 ounces at a time......medibles range in donation, but they are always cheap and I'll give you some to try before hand to make sure you like them...


[Mod Edit-Please use the Private Message system to exchange off site contact information]

PM me with questions but DON'T ask me to sell to you, it's not happening.....I follow the laws to the T!!!


I would like to ad that I'm not a company, collective, dispensary, or a group of people. Just 1 guy with a green thumb, looking to help out....


I am located in Downriver...

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