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Just wanted to say hi and explain my absents . I've been gone due to a fall down the stares in late Sept. I hit my head and was in the hospital for a bit while they drained the fluid between the skull and lining. All went fine but my eyesight wasn't, had double vision and couldn't see my monitor. Now that I have new glasses with prisms in them I can be on longer. I did fwd my e-mails from BB ( the petition and prewriten letters ) to all people I know so they could send them out and FWD them to there friends. A few have joined our site seeing the link in the letters to here also ;). To all that PMed me I will get back with you as I'm still getting use to the glasses.


Sorry this is so long but I needed to explain my not being on except anonymously in short spurts to all my family here. I say Family because I feel at home here and care for all our members deeply. We may fight and argue, but we all want the same thing from this fight that we fight together, like a large family.


For those that care, IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME ! ............. :sword: Pops

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Welcome back my friend, I was just talking with Blueberry about you last weekend at the market. I am glad you are doing better and I hope you get used to the changes and are able to rejoin us on a regular basis. I wish you the best and hope that all is going well at home. If there is anything I can do to help you out, just let me know.



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