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We Still Have A Back Up Option. I Hope We Dont Need To Use It!


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Veto referendum is a synonym for citizen referendum, statute referendum and statue remand. It is also sometimes called a popular referendum. In Europe, the term abrogative referendum is in most common use.[1]

The phrase refers to times when:

A legislative body such as a state legislature, city council or county commission, enacts a new law;

A group that opposes the new law collects enough signatures within the statutory timeframe in that state to place that new law on a ballot for the voters in the relevant political subdivision to either ratify the new law, or reject it.

After a state legislature has passed a bill that may become the target of a veto referendum effort, typically those opposed to the bill have two windows of opportunity. In most states that allow the veto referendum, if citizens collect enough signatures to force the matter onto their state's ballot within a (typically) short amount of time, the targeted law does not then go into effect when it otherwise would have done so. Rather, the law is held in abeyance pending the outcome of the statewide vote. However, there is often a provision that if those who oppose the targeted law collect signatures but on a more extended timeline, that they can still force the issue to a vote but in the meantime, it will have gone into effect. Michigan allows this option. Medcnman.

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On the flip side, there is also a method by which legislators can make a law referendum proof. Any law that has to do with appropriations can not be repealed or amended by a popular vote of the citizenry. They (the Republicans actually) tried or are trying to do this with an insurance bill I believe.

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