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Pre-Cancerous Melanoma

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A buddy is having some pre cancerous skin lesions cut out, and wants to try a topical cannabis treatment of the new ones that are forming.

Is it as easy as just smearing some RSO on the affected skin?

Should a bandage be kept over it?

Any specific dosage that is most effective?

Should he eat some as well to help internally?


Any advice appreciated!

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Don't f##k with this. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous cancers to get. If he is going to do this he better be doing it with his doc being right on top of it in case the RSO fails to achieve the desired effect. Besides that your friend and perhaps you should have pics knowing what to look for if it fails, so you can rush over to a doc and get it removed pronto if need be.



I have no problem with it and really hope it works but for him, it's better to be ready to act with knowledge if it does not, or your going to be attending a spring funeral. Hope for the best prepare for the worst. Good luck to him!

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