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Planning On Moving To Michigan


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Hello everybody! I currently live in Kentucky and need to move somewhere to tend to my combat PTSD. I have founf that marijuana does me more good than any of the medications that I have tried. I was wondering, is the current Michigan community open to outsiders coming in from out of state and participating in the medical marijuana program (would be living there permanently)? Also, is there much of a crime problem in mid-central Michigan for those who are growing their own medicine? Say, in Jackson or Ann Arbor? Lastly, is there a demand for caregivers and medicine up there right now? Thanks.

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you have to be a Resident of Mi. if you move residency here you can participate in the program, so long as you meet the requirements. 60 or 90 day residentcy, Dr recomendation, paperwork and money to the state.


good cgs are always needed. CGs that want to take major advantage of the system need not apply. but yes, alot of pts here need qualified CGs, that operate within the perameters of the Act.

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We are fairly new to this Medical Cannabis world and, as such, law enforcement is having a hard time making the adjustment to this new law. It isn't as cut and dried as we all figured it to be when we first got started 3 years ago. We have patients and caregivers who have tried to do their own interpretation of what some see as an ambiguous set of rules and some have run afoul of the system. But, for most of us this law is rather straight forward and relatively easy to stay within its parameters. 12 plants (this includes cuttings), 2 1/2 oz. of usable product, be that flowers, edibles or oils and tinctures. Locked grow area within your home, outdoor growing should be included, but that is still up in the air. I'm sure there are growers who have found the proper way to grow outside, using the proper measures to ensure that they are the only ones with access to those areas, but the expense of doing so is prohibitive. Don't believe that PTSD is even included in the list of ailments covered by this law, even though it should be. I would say that the two areas that you mentioned are amoung the safest in the mid-Michigan area, both in terms of actual crime and crimes against cannabis users/growers. Hope you find this of help... Peace ... j.b.

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MI is a BIG mess, I wouldn't encourage anyone to live here; I'd leave if I could. Read this site, you'll see. Sorry to be so discouraging. Whatever happens, I wish you the Best. - Sb




If I had it to do over again, I'd have just rented a warehouse back home and blew that up, instead of trying to deal with all this red tape and police state B.S.


This state sucks.

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If you're thinking of doing a big grow... donmif you're thinking of a small to.moderate size grow you shouldnt have major problems.


Jackson and anna arbor are two of the better places.


Other places are give and take. Detroit.has high crime but not so much trouble fron Leo. Oakland county is much safer but has Leo issues.


Places where Leo wont bother you too much is usually do to the fact they have actual crime to fight. Places that have low ccrime leaves Leo time to justify why they received they their ppaychecks. They go out and bust up patients.

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With our lawmakers wanting to dismiss conditions that are covered, keep in mind that PTSD is not covered. This means that you would have no coverage at all.


I recall reading something on the V.A. recognizing MM as a treatment for ptsd. However due to the fed restrictions the V.A has not moved toward any type of recommendations for it's use.

Here in mi it is not an accepted ailment and the state has not accepted any new additions to the accepted ailment list as far as I am aware of.

But a review of the list of ailments would be suggested.

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Thanks guys, that's some good info. I appreciate the responses.


Just to be clear, it takes exactly 1 day to become a resident of Michigan.


There are no residency requirements other than receiving a state ID or driver's license. (Unless you are seeking residency for in state tuition rates or something else I am not familiar with.)


You can get your recommendation the same day you get your temporary state id or driver's license.


I would suggest thinking about more in your life than just getting access to medical mmj though.


The local and state economies up here are some of the worst in the nation, and I would implore anyone looking for a job to look elsewhere.


There is much more to consider when making a move than simply acquiring access to proper medication.


Supporting yourself and your family cannot be a second priority. And if I were considering those things in regards to a move to Michigan, I would certainly reconsider a proper destination.


Hope this helps.



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