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Unemployed To Be Drug Tested To Receive Benefits?

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Congress Tells States They Can Drug Test for Unemployment Benefits

by Morgan Fox

February 24, 2012


Last week, the political blustering of federal lawmakers once again resulted in a law that unfairly targets marijuana users without any proof of effectiveness. On Friday, Congress reached a payroll and benefits deal that allows states to drug test any person applying for unemployment benefits if that person is looking for work in a field where drug testing is commonplace.


Thankfully, states have the option to not take part in this plan. The recent surge in states considering such policies, however, may mean that they may soon become much more common.


Florida’s experience with drug testing people applying for public benefits should have been a wake-up call for lawmakers. After passing a bill requiring unemployment beneficiaries to submit drug tests, Florida authorities soon discovered that not only was drug use extremely rare among those applying for assistance, but drug testing was actually costing the taxpayers more money! The whole point of the law was to decrease costs, so that tough-on-crime politicians could grandstand about how tax dollars in their districts aren’t buying drugs for lazy people.


Congress really needs to stop wasting its time worrying about the tiny percentage of people on public assistance that are marijuana users and instead consider all the taxpayer money they are wasting by arresting people for marijuana use at all.



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That is why the government cannot get anything done. Wasting time on medeling in everyones lives. Just like now in Arizona they now need to make it so that you do not need a court order to look at YOUR OWN KIDS text messages. Why the hell did you ever need a court order in the first place for that?

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This is sad and things are getting worse . It reminds me how Bill Schuette has caused more pain and loss of rights then any person I can think of in Michigan history . That Romney is in league with his persecution truly puts fear into a Citizen over loss of rights . His nuisance legislation is now in many cities , townships and municipalities . Enforcement is uneven basically if you make a enemy within Law Enforcement or the Political Machine they take you down and your neighbors stay silent less they be next and really comprehend how they should be afraid . Jail is no place for drug treatment nor should law enforcement be involved in a medical situation that should require maintenance or a comfortable detox with rehabilitation . The system spends 40 k a year on jail or prison the money is there if professional fees are brought under control . Help people without ruining them and sending them back into society more damaged , hungry and desperate . .


Don't forget to vote tomorrow .... sadly a vote for Romney is a vote for the policies of Bill Schuette . Polls open 7 am to 8 pm .. :gym:

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