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Veterans Testimony For Tomorrow

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We need to hammer them with so much evidence , that there heads will spin. It is amazing how years of indoctrination lead people to believe that a plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years is more dangerous than the chemically manufactured pills making drug companies rich. One pill deemed safe by the FDA and, apparently, not causing alarm among Mich GOP senators or Representatives, is Oxycontin.

OxyContin is in a group of drugs called narcotic pain relievers. The extended-release form of the medication is for around-the-clock treatment of pain. I have read stories in the last seven years about OxyContin. They ranged from the death of a 14-month-old boy who ingested its tablets to the arrest of a man for illegally distributing OxyContin and other pain medications over a three-year period to prescription drug addicts. Yet, no one is carrying signs warning about the dangers associated with pharmaceutic supplied pain medications. Medical marijuana patients do not need to “smoke” the medication, there are other forms in which it can be dispensed.

No one has ever overdosed on marijuana, but many have overdosed on the medications marijuana would replace.


(Medical experts think this naturally grown substance can help people suffering from pain. Shouldn’t legislators listen to doctors when deciding what is in the best interests of patients suffering from chronic pain? )



Thanks to everyone involved in the fight for our freedom, our wars are far from over, just my opinion !

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The following guidelines are suggested to assist citizens in making their testimony influential and effective:



3.If you represent a group of individuals or an organization, choose only one person to present the group's viewpoint and bring others along as supporters.



4.Prepare testimony and/or suggested amendments in advance. Read the bill carefully and any available analyses. If necessary, do research and make sure that all of your facts, background materials and figures are accurate. Consult with others to determine the scope of the issue and clarify what you, or the group, want to cover in your testimony.



5. Prepare a clear and concise written statement which has been thoroughly proofread for errors. Review it with others who share the same interest.



6.When you testify, identify who you are. If you represent a group, give the name of the group. In your opening remarks, state whether you are testifying in support of or in opposition to the proposal or bill. Relate your group's or your own experience or views directly related to the issue.



7. Keep your testimony short and to the point. It is best to offer highlights at the hearing and request permission to place your complete position and supporting materials in the record. Anything you present in writing will be placed in the committee members' files and will be available to them at any future meetings. If possible, have copies of testimony available for committee members and staff.



8. Avoid emotional speeches and propaganda. Your role is an important one; don't abuse it. Getting emotional and pitching propaganda is the surest way to invite a hostile reaction and alienate the very committee members you are trying to persuade.



9.If you are asked a question, keep a cool head. Don't be afraid to stop and think for a minute to answer the question properly. If you don't have the answer, never guess. Instead, request permission to file a detailed response at a later date.


I am adding written information and testimonials.

Think I may get further with sugar. We are there to testify on the proposed bills and how they will effect Veterans. Since the word veteran is never stated it must apply to all.

Not the general issues with the laws. See Item 6.Information directly related to the bill

Its 12 minutes as is.

Power by Peace

Edited by man of steel
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