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Mike Shirkey Heading Jackson County Campaign For Right-To-Work Advocate Gary Glenn


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Michigan put the world on wheels and fed the arsenal of democracy. Our unions enabled our workers to earn a living wage and provide for their families. Now the Michigan Republicans want to turn Michigan workers into third world slave laboroers...

Low wages and no healthcare for the vast majority.


Mike Shirkey heading Jackson County campaign for right-to-work advocate Gary Glenn




"Glenn said he and Shirkey share "a common philosophical passion" for making Michigan a right-to-work-state."


The average worker in a "right-to-work" state earns about $5,333 a year less than other workers. Health insurance coverage for the families in "right-to-work" states is much lower. Workplace deaths and injuries are about 51 percent higher, largely because unions can't speak up on workers' behalf.


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Amen I was a young Man in a apprenticeship program when ' right to work " legislation caused the Union to leave my County . The whole point of a Union is a closed shop bargaining arrangement , quality trained individuals , and a lifelong commitment of employees and businesses in a cooperative manner . In many cases Union shops have proved to municipalities their worth resulting in lower cost contracts being denied after previous work left much to be desired and proved more costly in the long run . College classes can't compare to on the job union training and a unified workforce that fills in for each other and supports those in need . .

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Crap. Right to work, w/o reading what it is about, sounds like the opposite of at will employment.


It ends a closed shop meaning Union and Non Union work side by side . Guess who will get the overtime , and preferential job treatment . No new Union people will be hired where lifelong employment contracts exist and lower wages will be paid to all new hires who see benefit packages non existant . They need this law to end Union employment in City Garages , Offices , Police and Fire Departments for example . Bad business , bad for Michigan . Workers need insurance and are better for it same with fair pay and lifelong commitments despite age and technological advances . Union employees by contract usually are retained and retrained non union are let go to fend for themselves often loosing insurance with uninsureable or extremely expensive to insure diabetes , cancer , kidney disease including dialysis and mental disease .


Unions are a necessary componant of evening the feild of negotiation for employees especially when times are hard and jobs are not avialable for everyone . Right now their are 3 unemployed applicants for every job available in Michigan .

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