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Should I Fim, Top?


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I'm a new grower, and I sure could use some advise. Is it true that you want to get a plant to branch out as much as possible? If so, why? I have a 16" Bubba OG that, as I understand Bubba Kush likes to do, is growing straight up. There's no branching to speak of, and the big fan leaves are inhibiting growth below them. What is the best thing to do with this plant? Is it too late to do anything, other than just letting it do its thing? Also, I have a Trainwreck that is naturally branching nicely. Should I look at topping or FIMing that? Do you top or FIM just the top or the tip of a number of the branches? I've watched video's on supercropping, but don't remember what the point of it is. What does that do for the plant?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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