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Thanks Joe And Mike........

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to blueberry thank you for steping up today but one thing every one is missing is on (LEAN)-- they need to bring up is if a cop runs your plate and see you have a mj card YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. because you might or might not have thc in your system and as michigan is 0000000. thank you and have a great day




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Was good to meet you DM. Hope we get a chance to meet up soon under a less obligatory manor.


Micheal and Joe did a great job pointing to the statistics, which were construed in a way to say what our Top Law Dog, Bill Schuette and the Prosecution Crew want them to say, so they would be able to fill those Contracts being Negotiated for the Privatization of the States Industrial Prison Complex. These Contracts are said to have the State being "REQUIRED" to GAURENTEE a 90% Full Capacity at all times. How can our State Attorney General Gaurentee our State can fill the Prisons to 90% capacity and keep them there?


The Statistics Joe presented showed how. Q-tipper and I found So many State and Federal Statistics that showed the very opposite of all of Ken Stricker's (sp) data on our Act,as well as multipe Agency statistical results of Medical Cannabis related to Death Rates, Hospital and ER Visits, as well as Arrest and Crime Statistics clearly showing the very opposite results as purported by the Michigan Association of Prosecutors, of which Mr Striker is President I Believe, and Mr Schuette is also a part of. We forwarded 100s of pages of Statistics from the MSP, Mi FEB Statistics, CDC, NDIA, LEAP and a dozen other Federally Backed Agencies, including the FDA and DEA, it all went to Joe to disseminate and crunch.


But per the Mi State AGs Opine of what Mr Schuette THINKS the Michigan Voters Intended to pass, and the Position of the Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys Association, they can all but guarantee the prisons will be filled to 90% and above capacity as required by the proposed Prison Control Contracts. And they will do that with a continually increasing percentage of legal Michigan Medical Cannabis Patients and Caregivers that are being arrested and denied the right to a fair trial, as well as the right to present a Section 8 defense, let alone a Section 4 defense, per the 2008 MMM Act which We the People Passed.




I could take up an entire show as I am so long winded. But there is Much to be said now a days. I am compelled to speak up for those that can not, or out of fear, will not.


I too am afraid. But not just for my freedom, should the target on my back increase due to making my own personal medical choice and exercising my Constitutional Right to do so, as well as voicing my 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. What I am afraid of, is to where this leads us tomorrow? Will my daughter be the next target for legislation fodder because she must use Birth Control to help medically regulate a hormonal imbalance? Will they make her carry her birth control medication in a locked place in her vehicle or house? Will she be jailed and imprisoned or penalized because she maybe had her birth control on the dash in her car, instead of locked in the trunk? By the sounds of the current republican political talk, I have to ask, as much as I hate too. As a Independent Conservative, this really kind of grinds my goat.


And what is worse is the apparent continued legislative erosion of a Citizen's Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights, by these attempts to pass amendments which result in more power to Medically Prosecute Registrants of the MMM Act for what would comparatively be classified a minor infraction. The equivalent of a Fix-it Ticket we were discussing a vehicle or building quirk that needed attention. Per the Opine of the Current Attorney General, which was Clearly Outlined in last Winters, "Clearing the Air" Seminars, which were initially intended to be Private. What is most troubling to a Conservative like myself, much of these amendments are overtly intended to not clear any areas of confusion, but to directly Preempt the Vote of the People of Michigan. To pass these amendments in a rush, is parallel to putting a solution into place where no problem yet exists. How does one make a problem for the intended solution? By conflating Facts with fiction, and Stats with opinion.

The only problems to date have be manufactured to appear to be larger then life, And those that are a serious concerns, have been instigated by the States Refusal to Do the Right thing, and Support the 2/3rd majority of it's voting Public, and fully implemen the MMM Act per the Intent of the Will of the Voters, and following the Direct Objectives set forth by the Act.


In reality, many of the current "problems" can be solved by answering a few basic Civil Rights questions first.


1."Does the Federal, State, or Local Government, have the Authorization of the Will of the People to disregard the Will of the People?

2.Does the Government have Imminent Domain over the Peoples Bodies, or do the People have Imminent Domain over their own body?


I attest, My Body, My Mind, My Soul, My Inalienable Right, My Constitutional Right as Ratified to Law by a Peoples Initiative here in this Great State, My State of Michigan. Seems to me, when it comes to "ObamaCare", our fine Republican Representatives, and Especailly our Misguided Attorney General, seem to fully understand where the Line between Federal Law Stops and States Rights Start. But when Medical Cannabis is the topic of the moment, or a womans right to use Birth Control, Or Need for it as in my daughters case, all of a sudden these same Esteemed, generally Conservative Republicans seem to stumble over the very line they were just Defending as if it was with their Dying Breath. One can not speak States rights to the Federal Government from one side of the mouth, and then "quote" Federal Supremacy Laws out of the other side of the mouth, when the main topic of both points are Personal Medical Rights.


Republicans now say they Find Grey areas everywhere? And anymore, I agree. But in my Professional Independent Conservative Opine, They must be looking in the mirror when these topics come up, thus why they are seeing grey. As an Conservative, I am a 'What is Right', not a, 'Who is Right' person. In that sense, I find it particularly alarming that so many of the current Republicans seem to be Ok for bowing to the federal government over States rights were Medical Cannabis is concerned, but its a fight to the death over Federal Governments authority where Obamacare is concerned. And to me, a Michigander since birth, and for 5 generations, they are both about My Rights to make my own Personal Medical Choices. I contest that neither the Michigan Government, nor the Federal Government, nor any of either's ruling bodies, has the Authority over my medical options, nor my personal choices on how to treat my medical illnesses and ailments.


I would like to remind our esteemed Legislature, especially those elected in the last 4 years, the Same 2/3rds of the legal Voters of Michigan that Voted yes in favor of the Medical Marihuana Act, also voted in favor to bring You into Our House, to Represent the Citizens of Michigan. Not the Few that have unrealistic visions inspired by political agendas and are posturing with aspirations to get back to Washington to further deprive Voters of their Inalienable Rights to make their own personal medical choices.


In Closing, I would like to leave you with all one statistic that was not immediately presented Thrusday, March 1st, and a summation of that statistic. According to the FBI 2010 National Statistics, Michigan had reported an estimated 988,000 plus Michiganders had stated they had used cannabis with in the last 12 months. That is basically 10% of the Citiziens, and if they are all voters, it is closer to 43% of the States Population. That statistic is 2 yrs past the passing of the 2008 MMM Act.



My Summation; There are currently, approximately 155,000 registrants to the MMM Act as of January 2012. Take that out of the 2010 FBI statistic, that leaves a smidge over 850,000 Annual Cannabis users, the majority of which are using Medically, and are still getting the courage to believe they will be Safe, considering the Political Posturing of the State Attorney General.

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Thank you Michael and Joseph for putting yourselves on the front line by offering an inspirational and well articulated presentation of what the medical marijuana program really means and how it needs to be addressed.


Please continue your hard work and support; it is appreciated and admired by all who read this forum.


Alternative Solutions Plus


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