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I'm Back, And Round Two Looks To Be Much,much Nicer.

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Hi all,

I was here before but didn't care much for the environment. I'm happy to say things have changed for the better from what I have seen.

Props to Blueberry and crew for making this board a fantastic resource, and for being the warriors on our behalf.

Almost forgot, I am a patient and caregiver for my family.


I hope to get to the Farmers Markets (AA and Jackson) this weekend and I am excited to see what's available. I was thinking of writing a review of my impressions of both. We will see.


Feel free to add me as your friend, drop me a line and visit my youtube channel to see the videos of the hearings that have taken place in this last month. I am trying to record them all so we have them for whomever wasn't able to attend, or watch the live feeds.


The youtube channel url is http://www.youtube.com/user/CgOrganic/videos


Good to be here. Thanks :D

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always good to see old friend come back, even when they are new to the other more recent additions like myself.


Great to have you here. Excellent to see so many others putting for the efforts needed to fight this Tyrannical Oppression being waged on the Citizens of Michigan by the Top Law Guy and the Medical Prosecution Cult that follow him, in spite of the growing target we are tagged with for doing so!


Look forward to checking out the vids.

Game On Brother!

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