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Bho Butter?

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that's how I make ALL my medibles. in any recipe that uses oil or butter, heat slightly in microwave then add BHO. 1 gram per dozen is strong. 2 grams per dozen is coma strength!


Thank you so much! I'll try it soon and let you know how it turns out for me!


Don :thumbsu:

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I have found the best way to cook with bho is to decarboxylated it, by heating the oil up to 255 for 20min. Then let cool down and your ready to go in to food or caps to make thc pills. 80mg is a good starting point per dosage, (for people who smoke 3.5g to 7g of flower a week) 100mg will have you high all day, ( for people who smoke 7g to 28g a week or a lot of oil) 200mg will put you down. I will eat one of the 100mg in the am and eat one more in the eraly pm and be real high until I go to bed. Be careful if you're a drinker, I made that mistake a few times. Haha. I have hade a few people say the 100mg were to much for them. This has worked the best for me and my patients.

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