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Annarbor Dispensaries Poll

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As patients we should have the right to choose what model works best for us. Just because a dispensary model does not work for one person, we should not force our opinion on others because dispensaries might work best for another. Those who do not have their own interest at heart should want patients to have as many choices as possible, including dispensaries, caregiver model, P2P, and farmers markets or other distribution model.

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No dispensary can exist without caregivers . Mr Schuettes policies would promote having to go to the black market for their supply . Educated Michigan Citizens support supply coming from micro growers when they understand Federal Law and the possible 5 year mandatory sentance for being involved in a conspiracy to grow more then 99 plants at one site . Patients that believe supporting more restrictive policy will protect them or prevent more regulation just don't understand the political dynamics involved . Both sides are always pushing back but one asks for tolerance the other takes assets , freedom , and quality of life .

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