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Using Rso For Stage 4 Cancer


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A good freind of mine came to me last week talking about a family member. They found stage 4 brain and lung cancer and she was given an estimate of 1 year to live. Her doctors are going to try one dose of concentrated chemo to the brain to see it's effect, but they have basically said there's no hope.

I had him watch run from the cure. Then he had the rest of his family watch, then met with his aunt and uncle who said they were willing to try Rick Simpson Oil. She will be getting certified in the next few days. She knows basically nothing about cannabis, let alone how to grow it and will not have a caregiver. Said friend is not a patient and does not medicate, so he has asked me to kind of take the lead and help her out. I have had minimal experience with RSO. I have watched lots of videos, and made it in very small amounts. Currently my garden is shut down becuase i'm soon moving and will not have supply. They have already stated that money will not be an issue.

Should I try to get the best medicine I can and make my own oil for her, or should I search for already made oil? like at the Farmer's market? I remember getting some emails in the past about them having some. Does anyone have any experience with helping people like this?

Any suggestions / advise are appreciated.


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