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General Practioner Or Familly Practicel

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Does anyone in the NE Kalamazoo or SW Barry Counties know of a Medical Marijuana Friendly General or Family Practice. It would be nice if they would certify me, but just willing to work with me so we can be honest would work as well.

Like most of You others who also are on Permanent Disability I have to see My GP and at least 2 specialist, It sure would make it nice to have as many on board as I can get.

I see a Gastronologist and Endocrinologist along with My GP every 90 days. Right now I am thinking Borgess as a Hospital because of experience there as a Youth, but could go to BC, Delton, Caledonia, HC, or south of these area's somewhat. for the right Dr/ Patient relationship.



I probably should be looking for a Certifying Dr at this time as well just to make sure, so if anyone as has any info from or about the above area's please let me know that as well.

Like I said i am on PD and have at least 2 Qualifying conditions so i not concerned with an easy certification, but one that is looked at with respect for their experience and longevity to a location would also be something that I am looking for. I want a Dr that isn't questioned by the People at the State making the decisions because of His Reputation as a Legit Dr.. Not just a script writer.

WOW You can still reply about a Certifying DR. ,But after looking at a recommendation I saw on another forum here I am pretty sure I think it is Michigan Holotictic or something similar to that.

In Kazoo on Crosstown PrkWy I think My pediatrician was in that area if my memory isn't completely shot. Any way after reading their site where I saw they Requested records or the right to obtain them I was impressed and then they really sold me when I saw they were from Plainwell, and every time I think of Plainwell, I think of the Last Creamery I know of in this Area and it Always brings a Smile to My face to go there.

:bow:Hot Summer Nights and Fresh Homemade Ice cream at the Plainwell Creamery Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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