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Thank You Blueberry And Drtarzan

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Thanks to you Blueberry, DrT and the lady and guy who gave / brought me water, when I didn't feel good at the Market!


That was scarey, and embarrassing, and it really made me feel good that people came forward to help. Years ago, I had a seizure in a person's house & everybody left. So it's nice to be among people who won't run the other way, when one has a medical issue.


Um, did you notice if my lips turned blue? When i have a seizure, my lips turn blue, but I'm on mmj and Pharma meds so I don't think that was the cause, but it would be helpful to know.


I think it was a BP / circulation and/or breathing issue. Whatever, I'm getting my blood level checked to make sure I have enough seizure meds in me and telling the doc about it next week cuz it freaked me out.


Thanks for being there you guys! :bighug:


PS if I ever do pass out or something, if you need to get my husband he's in the parking lot, we come in separately cuz we bring our dogs & they spazz out if we leave them alone.

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This story just made my day! I love hearing actual stories about people being helped by others in our community! This brings me hope that we can start making progress in helping each other out instead of bringing each other down. We are all in this together and need to care for one another.

Let this story be a metaphor for the bigger picture going on with our legal issues in Lansing, and protecting those of us that need protecting

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