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I have a prospective patient that is in excrutiating pain. She sent in her original application in June of 2011. By mistake - sent an expired license. They sent her a note to send in a valid piece of I.D. which she did. They cashed her check in July. (7 months)

Since that time she sent in a Change Form to add me as her Caregiver....sent in the $10 fee that they cashed on March 8th.

It's been 7 months since they cashed her first check. With no-one to contact-she is afraid to go ahead as a patient. I am hoping she'll

get her card any day now. Has anyone else had to wait that long? She'll have to renew again soon....and hasn't had the use of her

original card yet.

I am thinking she should be good-to-go after 21 days from March 8th for sure.

(Lots of problems from not getting those cards out in a timely manner. Hope the new printer works.)

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I had my patients papers go in on apr 1st last year,, I got the card in feb.. a full 10m0nths, no issues no problems, just took 10months, after 21days, I went forward. I have one now from sept, still wating for a letter.. the state is full of crap.. they imho is that they are holding back.. deliberately

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