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Adding Molasses In 5 Gal Dwc Set Up.


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i used molasses in a hydro system no issues at all... rdwc.. and the girls love it.. correct the amount is 1tsp per gallon, and lighter is fine..

Thanks Willy. With all the other answers and yours combined I think we have come to a consensus and settled on at least a half of a teaspoon and no more than one full teaspoon per gallon. Awesome you guys (and gals as it applies) I really appreciate the help. Without you my nugs wouldn't be dank and for that I salute you. :bow: You guys ROCK!!!! :rock:

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molasses is usually used to feed micro organisms, present mostly in organic  gardens. Unfortunately the pure basal salts of store nutrients instantly kills most of the flora and micro beasties. Your plants don't uptake the sugar in molasses, but they do use the magnesium in it, to make their own sweets. I'd keep the kitchen pantry out of the garden personally, but if you must, try adding a quality magnesium supplement, like sweet?

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