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"hands Off Social Security And Medicare!"

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Dear Friend,


On Monday, Pete Hoekstra will be campaigning around the state with Rep. Paul Ryan, the architect of the Republican plan to end Medicare and privatize Social Security.


Seniors in Michigan rely on Social Security and Medicare to meet their daily needs. They paid into this system, paycheck after paycheck, year after year, and they deserve to get the benefits they earned.


But Pete Hoekstra and Paul Ryan think that instead of asking millionaires to pay their fair share, we should balance the budget on the backs of America's seniors who have already sacrificed time and time again.


When Paul Ryan campaigns with Pete Hoekstra on Monday, let's tell them that Michigan won't stand for their plan to end Medicare and privatize Social Security.


Please sign the petition to protect Medicare and Social Security from Pete Hoekstra and Paul Ryan's continued assaults.


Tell them seniors have already sacrificed. Millionaires should too.




More than one million Michigan seniors rely on Medicare to see their doctor. While Senator Debbie Stabenow has led the effort to protect Medicare, her opponent is campaigning across the state with the top guy trying to destroy Medicare.


The difference couldn't be more clear.


Please sign the petition and tell Pete Hoekstra and Rep. Ryan to keep their hands OFF Medicare and Social Security.




Dan Farough

Campaign Manager

Stabenow for U.S. Senate


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