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You might get a letter from Federal Customs: "We took your seeds. If seeds, or anything else, are sent to this address again, the crap is going to hit the fan."


They used to give you a break the first time. So, if that is still the case, just don't use that name/address again. It's Federal, so the State Card will not save you.


There are lots of clones and seeds around the clubs and markets. Just saying.

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Well seeds arrived, germed, and let me say, certainly are not a medical plant of any kind. I sent several emails. None returned. FWIW, i wont be dealing with this seed bnk anymore, much less the breeder either.

Now to decide what to fo with a plant with yellow buds forming, and looking like a true tomato plant.


These plants are certainly not what I ordered, Look like a cross between a tomatoa and a marigold. Just lovely. Someone send me lube, my azz hurts

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Was a Vertigo by Paradise. After many discussion with Paradise, they were willing to replace the seeds, till they found out I lived in the U.S. At that point, Single Seed, is one responsible to do so, as they cant ship to the us. Oddly Single refuses to answer email, or facebook messaes, and hung up 2 times now on the phone.


I have 9 more of these seeds, I think I will just flush em and call it good. Lesson learned!


At this point I am avoiding both companies, using Attitude / Nirvana, and only strains throughly showing high reviews. Screw both these companies.

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