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At the top of the site, there is a Patients "pulldown", where you can click MMMA or MI law search... assuming it's online, can a link be added for the Public Health Code? I always hear it referenced, but have never read it. I would like to see what the lawyers and representatives are talking about.

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What I do not understand in the ruling by Hoekstra , Stephens and Murray that negated PTP transfers and left CTG transfers outside a direct card relationship in question is how they put the Public Health Code over the Act . I know it is in the act that all pre existing law that conflicts with the Act no longer applies .

Am I understanding this wrong

7 e

"(e) All other acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act do not apply to the medical use of marihuana as provided for by this act."




It has been a terrible few weeks for many since the Raids in Kalamazoo and press release following it by the AG Bill Schuette that he targeted the event due to his belief that the only person a caregiver can transfer too is a patient whom they have a registered card for . This would make the program that restricts supply already by regulation even less efficient and waste resources that can benefit other patients . It would not seem to be interpreting or implementing the act with the intent it was written . Until it is decided in Court program participants are forced to navigate unsure of what is legal 3 years into the programs existence .

They may be at risk of being harmed by the State for organizing a workable program on their own .


. #1 "Any registered qualifying patient or registered primary caregiver who sells marihuana to someone who is not allowed to use marihuana for medical purposes under this act shall have his or her registry identification card revoked and is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 2 years or a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both, in addition to any other penalties for the distribution of marihuana."

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