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Longtime Doobie Brothers Drummer Hossack Dies


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Longtime Doobie Brothers drummer Hossack dies





<P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="170">DUBOIS, Wyo. — Longtime Doobie Brothers drummer Michael Hossack, whose work is heard on the hits "Listen To The Music" and "China Grove," died of cancer at age 65, his manager said today. <P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="169">Hossack died Monday at his home in Dubois, Wyo., manager Bruce Cohn said in a statement <P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="168">Hossack played with the group from 1971 to 1973 and rejoined in 1987. He stopped performing with the band two years ago while struggling with his health, "Mike has always been a part of my musical life and the life of the Doobie Brothers," said band co-founder Tom Johnston. "He was an incredible musician."




<P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="166">Hossack, who grew up in New Jersey, played in various drum and bugle corps as a youngster. He said the experience prepared him for playing in a two-drummer group such as the Doobie Brothers. <P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="165">Cohn quoted him as saying: "'People always ask me of it's hard to play with another drummer. I tell them that after playing along with up to 12 other drummers at once in the drum corps, this is a snap!" <P itxtHarvested="0" itxtNodeId="164">After leaving the Doobie Brothers in 1973, Hossack played with two other bands — Bonaroo and DFK — and was a partner at a Southern California recording studio. Hossack served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and is survived by a son and daughter.





The muffled drum's sad roll has beat The soldier's last tattoo; No more on Life's parade shall meet The brave and fallen few. On Fame's eternal camping-ground Their silent tents are spread, And Glory guards, with solemn round The bivouac of the dead.- Theodore O'Hara




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